Packing and materials

Full packing service

Best and Cheap Movers provide professional packing service for your entire house. We’ll package your glass and breakable items with packing paper and bubble wrap, box up all your books, store your clothing in wardrobe containers, and wrap all your furniture in moving blankets. Well also provide special packing for your flat screen TV, china cabinets, and art. Essentially we do all your packing.

Only the kitchen

Best and Cheap Movers understand that kitchen is the most time consuming room in the home to pack, so cut out the hassle and leave it to us. Kitchens contain many breakables and Best and Cheap Movers will pack your breakable items with packing paper and avoid overloading boxes with china so all you kitchen belongings will be delivered safely to its final destination.

No packing service

You do all the packing at this service level. Well move all your personally boxed items carefully and professionally, however our safe delivery guarantee does not cover boxed items not packed by Best and Cheap Movers. Please be sure to follow our packing safety guidelines below for best results.

Safety tips:

  • Don’t pack unsealed liquids in closed boxes.
  • We can not move flammable or any hazardous materials. Don’t put these items in boxes.
  • Don’t mix breakable items with other ones in the same box.
  • We sell boxes and other packing materials. You can preorder moving boxes from us ahead of your move.
17x11x10 1/2
1.5 cu. ft. carton (ideal for books)
18″x15″x12 1/2″
2 cu. ft. carton (ideal for small and/or heavy items)
18 1/4″x18 1/4″x21″
4 cu. ft. carton (general use box)
6 cu. ft. carton (suitable for various items) (linen,bags, board games, etc.)
Dish carton Double corrugated (perfect for packing breakable and fragile staff)
17x11x10 1/2
Top: 42 7/6″x3 15/16″x36″ Bottom: 42″x3 1/2″x36″
24″x22″x45 1/2″
Wardrobe (for all hanging suits/dresses etc.)
Bubble Wrap
3/16 Small bubble wrap (best protection for fragile items)
Bubble Wrap
1/2 Large bubble wrap (best protection for fragile items)
Strech Wrap
Stretch wrap (ideal for protecting fabrics. sofa, love seats
2″ wide, 110 yards long
Tape for sealing boxes
17x11x10 1/2
Packing paper (a larg veriety ot items)

Military and Senior Discount 5%
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